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The St.Anthony's Biology Course is one in which the expectations of the students are high. The students in the biology courses are expected to do some critical thinking work and learn the skills needed to perform basic scientific inquiry. The curriculum for this class is based on the Hawaii State Standards for Biology and to ensure high quality preparation for the standardized assessment that students may take.   The topics that will be covered over the course of the year will include: the scientific method, the study of cells, cell cycle, genetics, and biotechnology, biochemistry (i.e. proteins, nucleic acid, bases,etc.), photosynthesis, cellular respiration, and investigation and experimentation procedures, mitosis, meiosis, ecology,etc.

The goals for this course are:

         To provide students an introduction to the principles of Biology and the biological relationships found in the natural world

         To provide students an introduction to the principles of investigation and experimentation as they relate to Biology

         Provide students with in-class activities and laboratories that will enhance their understanding of the basic biological principles.

Biology Announcements: What's going on in Ms.Betancourt's Biology Course:


1) We are currently on Spring Break! But remember School begins on March 19,2012! And we are currently on Chapter 11! So don't forget to bring your notebooks and textbooks to class on Monday. 2) Remember that Garden Groups Meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays-3-3:30p.m.



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